While reading Exit West, there was some familiarity with the story. But, I could not pinpoint what it was. Until I read this, “…But approached the door, and drawing close she was struck by its darkness, its opacity, the way that it did not reveal what was on the other side, and also did not reflect what was on this side, and so felt equally like a beginning and an end” (103). Suddenly, I figured it out. The movie Monsters Inc., I couldn’t stop thinking about how the doors in the movie led to new places and new opportunities. I also compared the movie to when the militants from Nadia and Saeed’s country came to attack migrants in Vienna, I thought of the monsters trying to scare the kids. While this could be a pure conscience, I’m curious if Mohsin Hamid was inspired by the childhood classic. What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Exit.Inc

  1. Zach B

    This is an interesting connection you bring up. I did not think of this while reading the book, but now realize its truth. I definitely think it’s possible that Hamid was influenced by this movie, and wanted to put his own spin to it.



    This is such a good post! I was also thinking about the idea of the doors, it seemed so familiar to me and I couldn’t figure it out! For me I don’t think that Hamid made the connection but the coincidence between the job of the monsters and unfortunately what many people think refugees are is interesting. Also the connection between how there are doors that are rare and special and then that there are doors that are old and broken.


  3. MIIKA F.

    That’s so interesting, I never would have made that connection on my own! I wonder if that crossed his mind, what a fantastical element that could have come from a childhood classic!



    Wow, this is a very unique interpretation of this quotation! I used parts of the same quotation for my blog post as well and analyzed it from a completely different angle. I connected this description of the door to how people fleeing a wartorn country might feel (uncertain and reluctant but hopeful). However, I think that this idea is super interesting and I think it would be super cool if Hamid wrote this with Monsters Inc. in mind.


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