Joy from Struggle

Sisyphus’s punishment in hell is to push up a rock to the top of a hill for the rest of time. However, no matter what the rock will fall back down. Despite this, Camus explains Sisyphus is not being tortured. He argues that the rock becomes Sisyphus’s way to happiness. The struggle itself is giving Sisyphus meaning. The struggle in the myth showcases the reliance in the human condition. Camus explains that human struggle is the only way that people can find meaning and independence in life. Humans need to face the absurdness of the situation head-on in order to overcome it.

Does that mean for human beings to be truly happy they need to discover what their “rock” is and overcome it?

Part of me thinks this task sounds incredibly daunting but also overly simplistic. Who only has one “rock” in their life? Life is a serious of “rocks” that we are faced with and how are supposed to decide what is this “rock”? I do agree that our struggles do give our lives meaning. I do not know if you can call what Sisyphus has true happiness more so contentment in his situation. I do like the idea of though our struggles there are moments of joy and only though struggle are we able to recognize this joy. It is a concept that proves humans are truly resilient.

2 thoughts on “Joy from Struggle

  1. Simone P

    I really like your interpretation of the story. I class, Mr. H kept trying to convince us that Camus was portraying Sisyphus to be better off than the rest of us. However, I think that, kind of like you said, Sisyphus is not forever better than us, he is what we should strive for.



    I really like this perspective! It is one I haven’t considered before, and it really made me think. All of us as humans have different experiences and pleasures, and one person may find joy in something that someone else doesn’t. It is important to take into account that we are all different.


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