Musician Lupe Fiasco released a song called Wave File on his album Drogas wave https://genius.com. The central idea of the song is when blacks were on slave ships they would jump off the ships and become one with the sea and create pathways back to Africa. “Get back to our nation, oh Lord

So we walkin’ back to Africa

And I found a detour to the seashore

Yes, jumped off the deck

To leave footsteps on the depths of the seafloor”, And how black society is angry that Poseidon the God of the ocean allowed slave owners to use the sea to steal them and put them into slave trades “Poseidon apologized and said that I’m sorry, we’re shelter

Y’all can live down here forever”. This line shows the poseidons affection for blacks so he offers them a chain of an eternal afterlife in the sea. He also speaks on Africans speaking with the trees to figure out why they were allowed to use their wood for boats and heat to take blacks away from their land this shows that the trees feel ashamed and want to offer them wood for shelter. He uses personification to show the connection between nature and man. Later in the 4th verse, he talks about how the stars went against them with lines like “ Conversations with the constellations While you navigate the haters, black baby alligator baiters Supposed to do greater” saying that the stars should have been warning them about who was coming but instead guided those who did wrong by them to their homeland. He uses personification to show the relationship through the help and affect the starts had during slavery when escaping slavery. And in return, the stars would form specific shapes to help slaves escape to freedom during slavery and give them the ability to accomplish great things with their time here. Throughout the song Fiasco’s Audience is towards blacks themselves and other races who want to see things from a different perspective.

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