Repetitive life

In Camus’s short essay, The Myth of Sisyphus, Cumus argues that a human’s life is similar to sisyphus’ life. You get up, go to a job you’ve been working at most of your life, and do the same thing every day. I disagree with this argument because I don’t believe everyone leads a repetitive life. For example, a man might go to work, and go home to his family at night. He might play with his son or daughter, talk his wife, do chores, but every day will be different and will require different actions. Another example is a personal habit. Say a young boy’s habit is to play baseball, and play it everyday religiously. Every day that boy plays baseball he might hit a home run, strike out every chance he gets, or make every single clutch play. But, every single game he plays is different, and he is always improving his craft forcing change in his actions over time.

In all, The myth of sisyphus represents the torture of repetitiveness. I believe that nobody chooses to lead a repetitive life because people are always changing.

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