Poetry: Always Better the First Time?

In his most recent EP our little angel, ROLE MODEL includes a song called “better the first time,” one of my favorites on the EP. The singer describes his struggle with mental illness, being antisocial, and relationships in his new EP. In “better the first time”, the singer gives his take on love, conveying the idea that love and relationships are better the first time, as the title directly states. He goes on to show that the good moments in relationships only last for a short amount of time in the beginning, and then disappear as time goes on. He begins the poem with the lyrics

I'll come clean
It's not me
We're not where we used to be
And that's alright
Love drives by
Comes too quick and then it dies
It's always better the first time

These first lines go along with Perrine’s theory that an important part of poetry is experience, whether it be to know the experience of others or to understand our own experiences better. Not only in the lines above but throughout the entire poem the singer shares his experience with relationships and how he has dealt/deals with relationships running their course. While this fits the first part of Perrine’s claim that poetry shares experience, it also fits the latter claim that poetry can be used to help us understand our own experiences better. For many people, songs say the feelings they cannot, and I think this song is a perfect example of that. This poem can help those who are in the same position as the singer understand their feelings better.

These next lyrics support another key point of any poem: imagery.

I miss scratches on my back
Those acrylics on my spine

Perrine conveys the idea that poems don’t just flatly tell us something, they use vivid details that enable us to imaginatively experience what’s being described. The lines above use imagery in order to make listening to the song an experience in which you can imagine yourself in the world the lyrics have created thanks to the appeal to our senses.

Lastly, Perrine presents an interesting idea concerning poetry, saying that poetry is sometimes ugly rather than beautiful. This can be seen in the lyrics below.

Good times we had
But we'll never get 'em back
And it hurts me too
But that's nothing really new
Everything I love turns to everything I lose

This poem focuses on a pretty depressing topic, saying that every love the singer has had he has lost and that he’ll never get the good times he had in those relationships back. Although it’s rather dark and sad, it still gets the point across gracefully through imagery and putting the listener in the shoes of the singer.

2 thoughts on “Poetry: Always Better the First Time?


    When I read those lyrics, I was able to imagine his experience well, so I agree that the imagery within this song is very effective. I think the meaning behind this song is very depressing/uncomfortable yet deep and meaningful. I really liked this post!!


  2. Grace W

    I agree that the singer uses powerful imagery within his song. He writes about very serious and deep topics and his imagery addresses them perfectly. The lyrics are very powerful and allow listeners to relate to the song as well as the singer.


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