Does It Matter That Nothing Matters?

It has been established that all of those things that give us purpose in life exist simply to distract us from the inevitable: death. We use things like love, friendship, new experiences, happiness, freedom, money, and even our own identities to make our time on Earth feel like it is about more than birth, reproduction, and eventually death. But does it matter? Does it matter that nothing we value really matters?

To believe that nothing matters, while accurate, is demoralizing at best. With that mindset, one might be completely content to spend the rest of their life in bed staring at the ceiling or watching paint dry. While these activities are valid and don’t change the eventual outcome of their life, why would one choose to not go live? Our time here is meaningless, so why not make the most of it? Why shouldn’t we stay up too late or learn about the things we love or challenge ourselves? It may be pointless, but does that make it not valid? If we could enjoy our time alive instead of wasting away, why shouldn’t we? I think that knowing that nothing matters is important for overcoming fear, and to help us find calm and work through problems that feel daunting or life changing. However, that awareness can be balanced with an excitement for life. If nothing matters, it can’t hurt to try for whatever makes you happy. The worst that can happen is failure, and if you fail, it doesn’t matter.

5 thoughts on “Does It Matter That Nothing Matters?


    I completely agree. If everything that we do and are is made up then why not make it the best it can be. If we are all just living to die that would be so depressing. So why not try to make it mean something, that would give us a purpose. I thought the bit about watching paint dry was pretty funny too!

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  2. Maggie Rose B

    I totally agree with this! If we are constantly thinking about how nothing matters, that would just make us miserable. Just because nothing matters doesn’t mean we can’t do things we enjoy or find meaning and purpose in whatever we want. In a way, the idea that nothing matters can be freeing instead of, as you put it, demoralizing. If there is no universal truth to what matters, we get to choose what we want to focus on and put our time and energy into.

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  3. MAYA L

    I totally agree with everything you said, and I really like how you said it. I think it’s important to discuss the idea that meaning does not equal value, and I haven’t really heard that talked about in that way before. I think too many people tie meaning to excitement and joy and being valid, so I appreciate that you made a clear distinction between those ideas.

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  4. Audrey S

    I think this is a great way of thinking about it. Death is inevitable and that can be a very scary truth, but it almost pressures us to do more with our life. We have a time limit, and end date, and we have to fit our entire lives in-between the moment we are born until our end date, and we should really be making the most of it.

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  5. Max L

    Facts. The reality of life is that it’s limited and if we want to live meaningful, satisfying lives, we need to make the most of everything. If nothing matters, some of this meaning is taken away, but you can still find things that you enjoy and then do them more. In the case that stuff does matter, you can continue to do things that you enjoy, while impacting the world positively, and living a meaningful and satisfying life.

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