Meursault just upsets me.

Usually when I read a book for English, I find it to be a challenge to connect to or get invested in the story. With “the stranger,” I read about Meursault and his words and actions irritate me. Everything in his life is handed to him, everyone he meets with goes out of their way to be nice and positive. But




That’s what bothers me, nothing matters to him. This come from part one, part two hasn’t changed mu opinion yet but my examples come from part one. Maman dies, yet his life continues as if nothing happened. Basically just “well, it is what it is.” and moves on. This is just an inhuman response, and I don’t get it. Then, he meets Marie. Simplifying a bit here, but, go swimming, make breakfast, Marie says “will you marry me?” and Meursault just says “Sure ok, if you want to.” His boss offers him a promotion in Paris. Again, he doesn’t accept or decline, just shows no interest what so ever. People around him are nice and treat him well, but it all does does not matter. However, because of my strong dislike of the main character I’m the most invested in a class novel in a long time.

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