Why Love

In the stranger we find a man named Meursault, who has very little emotions and feels very little in the way of love. In the story he is dating a women and she asked him if he loves her and if he would marry her and he just shrugs off this question and doesn’t really care. This makes us question why the character is like this. Is love a social construct created to cover up the fact that everyone hates each other and all life is is death and pain? I personally think that if people did not love as much as they would not feel as much pain. I think that a lot of the reason that people create so much pain for others is because they love so much for what/who they believe in. I do not think that love was created to mask the fact that everyone hates everyone. I think life is meant to be lived with love and happiness and passion and that jealousy, hate, and pain happen as a result of all of the love that there is.

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