It’s the Lack of a Moral Compass for Me

While reading The Stranger I thought that Meursault was a very problematic character. I did not like how he did not care about too much of anything. I also thought it was quite distasteful how he was able to be friends with Raymond and Salamano who are abusers. Meursault was very aware of how bad of a character that Salamano was, he describes some of Salamano’s action to the reader he states, ¨When the dog wants to urinate, the old man won´t give him enough time and yanks at him…If the dog has an accident in the room, it gets beaten again¨(27). Even after Meursault knew how bad Salamano he made another friend who was is an abuser who name is Raymond. In fact he even went into Raymond’s apartment to eat food. While in the apartment Raymond also admitted to beating his girlfriend(29-32). I am overall sick of Meursault and his lack of being aware of red flags and frankly bad people. He also just kind of goes along with everything Raymond says without correcting him and telling him what he is doing is unacceptable.

One thought on “It’s the Lack of a Moral Compass for Me

  1. CAIT O.

    I agree, Mersault does not care much about anyone or anything, however he does have that right. He cannot help how he thinks and/or how we was raised. His blatant disrespect towards Marie was nevertheless striking. He did not care about her as a person and was only using her for his own personal gain without taking into consideration her feelings and emotions. The way he did not even care if she was dead or alive was extremely astonishing. When I hear that someone has passed, even though I may have never met them, my stomach drops and I am filled with a feeling of utter sadness for the loved ones. Mersault seems to be inhuman for thinking any differently.

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