Sisyphus (AKA Mr.Heidkamp)

As the new school year rolls around students prepare their school supplies and teachers are prepare their curriculum. We all began the year expecting to be informed on the subjects we find ourselves in by the end of the year. And every single year we start back at the beginning, longing to become more educated in more subjects. For teachers their systems are almost the same, starting the year with students uneducated on their specialty, ready to help them become masters by the end. But for teachers this becomes more repetitive, while us students come in ready to learn a new subject every year, the teachers are stuck with the same subject. Each years students are like a photo copy of the last, just with a few name changes.

Sisyphus is constantly met with a challenge that he knows how to complete, but the outcome is not consistent. Along with teachers, when Sisyphus reaches the top of the mountain, like a teacher reaches the end of the school year they, have a feeling of accomplishment. They have gone through the obstacles it takes to get to the end. What keeps them going is the fall of the boulder, the beginning of a new year, refreshing everything they have worked for, for another chance of success. They say Sisyphus was the happiest man, maybe this is why teachers are the happiest people.

4 thoughts on “Sisyphus (AKA Mr.Heidkamp)


    I love this connection. When I read this myth I had never considered applying it to more than just a mindset in life… and now I am. Comparing this to a way of living, too, adds a lot more meaning to the myth for me. This is a really unique perspective – nice job queen.


  2. Angela B.

    I love the analogy with Mr.Heidkamp and his teaching. I think it was very innovative to compare Sisyphus to someone that we know and can relate to. It gives me a better understanding of Camus’ argument of meaningless life and humanity.


  3. ASHBY S.N

    I think this is such an interesting comparison! I love how you connected the Myth of Sisyphus to real world people and professions. I think your comparison was really well thought out, and a very unique take. Overall, loved this idea!


  4. VAN T.

    I also thought that your connection of Sisyphus to the real world was well thought out. I just wonder in what other ways teachers can reach an “enlightenment” as Sisyphus had to come to. Possibly if teachers thought about the purpose and effect their teaching on students every year they would become “happy” and come to the terms that their repeated teaching of similar concepts they are educating the future inhabitants of the world.


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