Should we imitate Meursault’s mindset?

While Meursault may be happier than most with his emotional indifference, there are elements of his mindset that are not the best to mimic. There is one specific thing I hope to emulate from Meursault’s mindset. Meursault views everything as if he is removed from the situation. This skill adds to Meursault’s happiness because he observes natural beauty and lives in the moment. When looking out on a rainy day Meursault finds it to be, “a beautiful afternoon. Yet the pavement was wet and slippery, and what few people there were were in a hurry” (21). Even when others don’t seem happy, or the day itself isn’t actually that beautiful, Meursault is able to see the best in almost every situation. I hope I can take after Meursault and learn how to do this, because appreciating every moment I have would only add to my happiness.

However, Meursault also has habits that I would not want to replicate. While removing himself from situations adds to his happiness, it would diminish my own. Meursault is too distant. He is distant all of the time instead of when he should be. For example, at Maman’s funeral one of Mamans friends is crying. Instead of showing support to his mothers friend, he “[wishes he] didn’t have to listen to her anymore” (10). This tactic may work for Muersault, but if I felt this way it would add to my guilt rather than happiness. Meursault’s lack of empathy allows for him to feel happy because he doesn’t feel any guilt or remorse. But the average person does feel these emotions, which is why Meursault’s mindset is not one that I would conform to.

5 thoughts on “Should we imitate Meursault’s mindset?

  1. NZUBE N.

    I agree that I would not emulate Meursault’s lack of empathy, because I would feel guilty if I didn’t feel bad, especially in a scenario of such importance. I disagree, however, that removing oneself from every situation would add to their happiness and help them live in the moment. To live in the moment, I feel one would have to be emotionally involved to get the experience of the moment.


  2. Calvin R

    I agree with you on the benefits of emulating Meursault’s ability to distance oneself from a situation. I think it is hard to appreciate things like nature if our mind is preoccupied with anxieties from society. I also thought one the benefits could be being able to stay “cool” during emotional moments, which Meursault has a talent for, excluding the final chapter.


  3. JOHN V

    I agree with the benefits of Mersault’s mindset. Especially the ability to make objective decisions especially because emotions can often get in the way of making tough choices.


  4. lucas

    I agree with the benefits of Meursalt’s mindset. He is able to find happiness in bad situations which might can sometimes be off putting, but his overall happiness is greater because of it.


  5. Zoe K.

    I appreciate your willingness to challenge Meursault’s mindset. Viewing some of his beliefs as ones that should not be replicated. Analyzing how his removal from certain situations is not a “correct” attitude to take on for everyone, even though it works for him.


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