Achieving mutual recognition with global others

Yes, it is 100% possible for mutual recognition to be achieved with global others. It all starts with empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. One must put themselves in another persons shoes by shifting their perspective and thinking how the other would think. This is hard for a lot of people to do because humans are animals that all have survival instincts and whether we like it or not, those instincts make us selfish protectors of our own lives. 99.9% of humans would save themselves over someone else if such a situation arose. This selfish yet natural concept of self preservation is what I believe inhibits humans from achieving mutual recognition. It’s difficult for humans to empathize and help other people with their problems when everyone has problems of their own. Also, many people ask, “Why should I help someone else if I did nothing to contribute to their problems? It’s not MY responsibility.” This mindset is valid and reflects darwinism but it fails to factor in the uneven playing field of life and the people who were put into an unfortunate situation at no fault of their own. This is why empathy is required because everyone must be able to feel for other people and understand what they are going through in order to mutually recgonize.

2 thoughts on “Achieving mutual recognition with global others

  1. Zach B

    I really agree with this. Self preservation makes it difficult to obtain mutual recognition. Empathy is something many people lack which makes mutual recognition more complicated than it may seem.



    Totally agree with my man Eli on this one, empathy is something very important when it comes to forming relationships. To interact with someone and converse with others around, the ability to feel some type of way about them is very important when specifying the role empathy plays in mutual recognition.


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