The Blues Brothers: A Comedy

The Blues Brothers, starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, is a hilarious farce comedy that takes place in 1980 Chicago, Illinois. Belushi plays an ex-convict, Jake Blues, while Aykroyd plays his brother, Elwood Blues– the two of them are on a mission to save the old Catholic orphanage that they grew up in. However, in order to do so, they must get their old R&B band back together to raise the money.

Both Belushi and Aykroyd were popular comedians of their time and were both part of the SNL cast during the 1970s. The Blues Brothers uses a variety of satire, farce, and other comedic strategies to enhance the plot of the movie. The countless reckless car chases and the crude humor used. There’s a particular scene that I think is hilarious– when they go back to visit “The Penguin”, who is the nun that took care of them when they were younger. As they enter the orphanage, the doors open and close on their own as they walk towards The Penguin’s room. The Penguin tells them to sit down so they squeeze into these old desk-chairs that are made for kids as she tells them the bad news about how the orphanage is getting sold. They proceed to swear as she proceeds to smack them back and forth with a ruler while swearing. Aykroyd runs down the stairs and Belushi tumbles down still stuck in the desk. It’s a lot funnier when you watch it, trust me.

I think The Blues Brothers is hilariously well done and I recommend it to people who like older films as well as just anyone in general.

While it is really funny, I don’t really think that farce and similar types of comedy enhances our understanding of the world. I think that farce and more “goofy” comedy is created for people’s pleasure rather than enhancing our understanding of the world and how it works. In this sense, I think Aristotle would basically consider this meaningless. However, I do think that it’s still a great movie even if it didn’t make my understanding of people and the world better. Maybe it could make people know what not to do? Who knows. At least to my understanding, it didn’t really have any meaningful intellectual impact. But it is funny 🙂

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