Media and Global Others

The media is the source we look to for information on other countries. The media plays the biggest role in news about global others. Never directly hearing from these countries we always get the half of it (the news). The media portrays countries from their perspective. We rarely hear good news of these others. We rely n the media too much. Other countries have problems and we only hear about the consequence. The media is known for shining a negative light on these global others. The media tells you the daily so you can continue your normal day. Why should be reply on the perspective of the media to hear about other countries when we could get our own. The media reports the news but never when it’s bad they offer help. Our influences comes from the media. Everyday life for people in other countries are documented and these documents are also sad or violent. We always get someone else’s perspective regardless because the media, documentaries, and movies are the roles and where are information on global others is acquired.

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